About Us

Sing in Unity. Live in Peace.

Thank you for visiting our website! We welcome anyone who loves singing. You can participate from anywhere in the world!

We are composed of people from a myriad of cultural and racial groups. We also welcome people from various faith groups. Through the beauty of choir centered music we have created a global community for people to unify and connect with the common goal of creating and supporting peace.

Choir Director & Songwriter: Jenna

Jenna is a Japanese Gospel choir director and business owner. Her choir, GQ Family (Gospel Square / Sunnyside Gospel Club / Neverland), is one of the biggest Gospel music schools in Japan with 2,000 members. Jenna’s love for the Gospel music began when she joined an African-American church in Tokyo as a teenager in the early 2000’s. While there she sang in a choir and worked as a translator for preachers.

In 2015, she organized a 1,000 voice recording project as co-producer of the Japan Mass Choir. The EP "Powerful" charted at #3 on the Billboard Gospel Chart. “Powerful” was nominated by the Gospel Music Association (GMA) for a Dove Award in 2016. Jenna moved to Rotorua, New Zealand in 2019 and started an international Gospel choir in the local community. Though the gathering of the choir came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic she shifted her focus to building virtual choirs in Japan and New Zealand. Jenna launched the Global Virtual Choir "SING IN UNITY" in 2022.

Jenna is a Philanthropist and the GQ choir has donated $270,000+ to various charitable endeavors in 12 Asian and African countries. Jenna has a heart for people, music, and fostering a spirit of unity. Sing In Unity is evidence of her legacy.

Host Choir: GQ Family

https://gospelhiroba.com/english.html (English)
https://gospelhiroba.com (日本語)